front yardNow Is the Time To Start Planning

You’re probably not thinking about landscaping in the middle of winter beyond snow removal. If you’re not, you’re missing out on an important part of the process – planning. You never want to go forward with a landscaping project without a plan. It’s a recipe for disaster. Since planning takes time, some people forgo or rush it and end up with horrible looking yards. The solution for this is obvious: do your planning at a time when you can’t be doing any real work, namely over winter.

Right now is the best time to be planning for your spring landscaping projects. If you start planning now, you can work out the direction of your projects and get them budgeted for before spring. This will let you start working as soon as the weather is right. What should you be planning for, though? Here’s what we recommend.

What You Should Be Planning for Spring Landscaping

watering your lawn can be difficult during a drought

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1. Sprinkler Repair

You don’t always have to do sprinkler repair, but it’s always a good idea to plan for it. If something goes wrong over the winter – say, a pipe bursts – you’re going to need to repair it. You’ll want to have a plan ready for what to do if it’s needed and how much it will likely cost. That way, instead of being struck with a surprise expense that will get taken out of your landscaping budget for the year, you have a planned expense that becomes extra money if you don’t need to do the repairs. The same amount of money gets spent overall, but having planned ahead means you’re not scrambling to fix unexpected problems. That makes a huge difference in how smoothly your landscaping plan is executed.

2. Repladead spotsnting Sod

If you want new sod to survive the heat of the summer, plant it soon enough grow strong roots before the heat comes. That means you want to get started as soon as the snow is gone and it’s warm enough to plant. Planning ahead for this means you’ll be ready to inspect your lawn to see where the sod needs replanting as soon as the snow clears. You can then purchase the appropriate amount of sod and plant it as soon as weather permits. That way, you’ll be sure your sod is strong enough to survive the summer.

3. Soil Testing

Farmers test their soil to keep it properly balanced for their crops, but it can benefit for any landscape. It helps determine the best types of plants, what fertilizers you need, what to avoid, and gives a good idea of the overall health of your landscape. If you’ve been struggling with your lawn, planning a soil test might be a good idea. If there are problems with the soil, the test will identify them and tell you the best way to solve those problems.

a yard with the grass largely removed and replaced to allow smart watering practices4. Low-Water Landscaping

Last summer, we talked a lot about the benefits of low-water landscaping, whether it’s single landscape features that reduces water usage, to full on xeriscaping your entire yard. These are serious redesigns of your landscape and require a lot of planning. It’s no good starting in summer, but during winter, you’ve got plenty of time to get ready. If you want to reduce your water usage, which not only saves money, but eases the burden of droughts for your whole city, this is a great way to do it. If you can get these landscaping projects done before summer, you’ll need a lot less effort to keep your lawn looking good when the city implements water restrictions.

Don’t Delay on Planning Your Spring Landscaping Projects

If you’re looking to do some major landscaping projects this year, you’ll want to get a start on it as soon as possible. You can’t start a major project without a plan, though. Planning takes time and right now, you have plenty of time. With another month or two before spring comes in full, now is the time to start planning. That way, you can be ready to go as soon as the weather permits it.

Let Us Help

If you’ve got some landscaping projects you want to complete this year, you’re going to need someone to help. That’s where we come in. Landscaping is our business. If you need someone to get the project off the ground, give us a call. We can give you advice on every step of the process. The sooner you call us, the sooner you get into our schedule. Don’t wait until you’re ready to start, only to find out that no one’s available. Get in touch with us today and let us help you get your spring landscaping projects planned out and ready to go!

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