Winter’s Come Early

Some of you around Cache Valley might have noticed that it snowed last night. Some of you might remember that just a month ago, we were saying you should be prepping for it, but even we couldn’t have predicted that the snow would come this early. If you haven’t got yourself ready, now’s definitely the time to do it.

snow removal1. Snow Removal

This is going to be on everyone’s minds today. From where I sit, I’m looking at about half a foot of snow on the ground and it’s probably not going to melt by the end of the day. While that’s not the condition all over Cache Valley, even an inch or two of snow can be trouble if you weren’t expecting it. Businesses will especially want to get that taken care of right away. You should also prepare a plan for what you’re going to do with the snow. We can’t say for sure yet when another snow storm will hit this winter, but the snow is eventually going to pile up. You’ll want to know where to shovel it to so it’s not in the way of your customers.

2. De-Icing

De-icing is vital to businesses around here. If the snow melts, it can refreeze into sheets of ice on your sidewalks, posing a risk to people walking on it. As the owner of the property, you can be liable for any accidents that happen if you don’t take care of it. If you haven’t got your de-icer yet, you should definitely do so now.

3. Sprinkler Blow-Outs

blowout your sprinklersWhile the snow may have caught us by surprise, snow requires very specific temperatures to form at. To cold and it just becomes hail, but too warm and it’s rain. While the snow today is a reminder that the freezes are coming, it shouldn’t have been cold enough to freeze the pipes of your yard’s sprinklers. If the snows have are coming early, the freezes might, too. If you haven’t had it done yet, you should get your sprinklers blown out soon.

We’re Here to Help

If you’ve been caught off-guard by the early snow, don’t panic! CV Lawn King is here to help. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you get your snow problems under control. We’ve got the best tools for snow removal, including commercial snow plows. We’ll dig you out of trouble!

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