Fall Yard Care in Cache Valley, Box Elder County, and Bear Lake

Summer is past its midpoint. Soon enough, fall will be here. Now’s the time to be thinking about fall yard care. If you live, or own a business in Cache Valley, Box Elder County, or the greater Bear Lake area, we can help out with that. First, though, let’s take a look at what you should be doing to make sure your lawn is good to go this fall.

1. Clean Up Debris

Once fall gets in full swing, leaves are going to start dropping off your trees. You’ll have to rake up those leaves to keep them from killing your lawn over the winter. You don’t want anything to make raking your lawn more difficult, so make sure that you clean up any debris on your lawn before the leaves start changing colors.

2. Take Care of Weeds

Summer is a dry period and grass starts to go dormant to handle it. This makes summer a good time for weeds to take root. Many weeds have really low water requirements and will often get really out of hand during the fall when it starts to rain again, or when you try to water your lawn. When it starts to cool off a little and your grass isn’t so stressed, take some time to spray for weeds. While you’re at it, consider spraying for pets insects, too, as they often go hand in hand.

3. Clean Up Dead Patches

Fall is a good time to take care of patches of dead grass. There won’t be as many nesting birds to try and eat the seeds. Once the heat starts to go down, get to planting new grass seed in any patches that didn’t survive the summer. That way, when spring comes back after winter, your lawn will grow back lush and beautiful.

4. Aerate Your Lawn

We’ve talked about aeration before. For northern Utah, the peak growing time for grass is spring and fall. While we definitely recommend early spring for aeration, fall can be a good time for it as well. If your lawn looks like it’s struggling, a little aeration can help give it a pick me up to recover from the hot, dry summer.

5. Keep Mowing

You might think the hot summer means you don’t need to mow at all, but don’t let yourself be fooled. Even if the grass looks like it’s not growing, it still is. If you’ve been doing it right, you’ve been mowing your lawn a little bit taller during the summer so that it shades the soil. Keep mowing the lawn through to snowfall so that it doesn’t get out of control.

fall leaves in need of cleaning6. Prepare a Plan For Leaves

Raking leaves is always a part of fall yard care.  If you’ve got any trees, you’re going to have leaves on your lawn before the end of the winter. Whether you’re a business or a private home, you’ll want to plan for that. The leaves will start falling in tiny amounts at first, but they will drop faster as the season progresses. You want to plan to have someone to do the job more than once before the snow comes. No matter how carefully you plan, there are usually still some leaves on the trees when the snow falls. Do not try to wait for all the leaves to fall before raking them. Take care of it weekly all season long as soon as they start. Plan ahead for this and you won’t have a problem.

Let Us Help You Out With Your Fall Yard Care

While you can take care of all your fall yard care yourself, it’s a lot of work. Why not get some help? CV Lawn King is ready to help. If you live, or own a business in Cache Valley, Box Elder County, or the greater Bear Lake area, we can manage your yard care for you. Save yourself some time and energy and make sure the job gets done right at the same time. We’re professionals and know just what to do to make your yard look its best! Get in touch today and see what we can do for you!

Featured image by Scott Web

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