Fall Clean-Up For Logan

Fall clean-up is important. Once the snow falls, it buries everything and if you haven’t cleaned your yard up, that’s bad. The pressure from the snow, combined with leaves, sticks, and anything else you haven’t cleaned creates a haven for pests and mold. It can do serious damage to your lawn.

Leaf Clean-Up

The city manages some leaf clean up to keep the streets clean and safe for driving. They’ve made an announcement this year with some specific requests. They are asking that you bag leaves to make them easier to pick-up and keep them from blowing away if there’s another windstorm, or that you place them in green waste containers. You can also take them to the landfill, which accepts green waste at no charge.

If you do plan to put leaves in your green waste container, note that the last possible day to do so will be November 16-20. This is assuming the weather permits, so try to avoid putting it off until that late.

Additionally, the vacuum trucks used to clean up leaves on the road have their limitations. The city wants you to remember that sticks, grass clippings, mulch and other green waste can plug up the tubes, making the trucks non-functional. Leaves should not be raked into the gutters, as this plugs them up. To ensure that they can do their job, please park your cars off of the streets. You can read the full announcement on the city website.

blowout your sprinklersSprinkler Blow-Outs

We’re past the heat of summer now and it’s going to get more damp. We may see more rain as well. That means were past the point where using our sprinklers is strictly necessary. That means it’s time to get them blown out. There’s no telling when we might get a sudden cold snap. If there’s still water in your pipes or hoses, a sudden freeze could cause them to burst. If you haven’t scheduled a sprinkler blow-out, now is the time.

Spring Plans

The heat and dryness of this summer coupled with the outbreak had a lot of people, especially local businesses, thinking about ways to cut down on the work required to maintain the lawn. There are plenty of landscaping options to do so. Low-water usage landscape design will cut down on the amount of watering you need to do, and the right kind of plants and landscaping layout can cut way down on the amount of work you need to do to keep your landscape looking good through the summer months. While we’re over the curve as far as heat goes, there’s next year to think about. If you’re looking to renovate your landscape to give yourself an easier to manage yard, now’s the time to be thinking about it. A bit of planning now can make it run much smoother when it comes time to redo your landscape.

Need Help?

Fall clean-up is essential, but if you’ve got a lot of trees and bushes dropping their leaves, the job can get really big. That’s why we’re here. CV Lawn King is ready to help you with all your yard care needs. Whether it’s just a bit of help with the leaves, or some more thorough maintenance to prep your yard to get through the winter, we’ve got you covered. Don’t forget about the sprinkler blow-out! Get in touch with us today. We’re ready to help.

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