Money-Saving For The Pandemic

Summer LandscapingLast time, we talked about how cutting back on the amount of landscape maintenance isn’t working well as a money-saving tactic. Your landscape can fall into disrepair quickly and while managing your lawn and yard might save you money in the short-term, it hurts the look of your landscape and creates bigger problems down the road. Everyone is still looking for some money-saving methods of yard care, though. So, what are our options?

Climate Factor

If you want to save on maintenance, it takes a bit of planning ahead. When it comes to making a budget friendly landscape, you have to account for the climate. Here in Utah, our climate is a low-water one. As a desert, Utah doesn’t get much rainfall every year and we have long dry periods during the summer. If you want your landscaping to be easy to manage and not cost too much, you have to plan around that.

1. Heat Resistant, Low-Water Plants

There are plenty of plants out there to put in your garden or landscape. Flowers, trees, shrubs, the possibilities are endless. Every plant has different requirements for water and temperature. The more those requirements differ from the climate, the more effort you have to go to if you want to keep them healthy. The best way to cut down on water consumption is to use low-water, heat-resistant plants that can thrive in this climate. There are plenty of resources online for both low-water and heat resistant plants.  You can also ask your gardening store about water requirements for plants before you buy them. The right choices will make keeping them alive during the summer much easier.

front yard with island of flowers in the middle2. Group Plants by Water Requirements

If you group plants together by their water requirements, it can make watering much easier. Fill your landscape out with low-water plants. If you want to have plants that require more water, group them together so that you have much smaller areas that you need to give the extra water to. This will significantly cut down on water requirements and lower your water bill.

3. Use The Best Irrigation Tools

We see a huge difference in watering costs for people who use them versus people who don’t. We mentioned it last time and we detailed it even more last year when we talked about picking the right irrigation techniques for your yard. Efficient irrigation coupled with good moisture sensor controls can keep your lawn well-watered without over-watering.

4. Smart Mowing

mowing the lawnThe temptation is to cut your grass short so you don’t have to mow it as often. This doesn’t actually work, though. If you cut your grass too short, the ground gets more exposed to the sun. The water in the soil evaporates faster, meaning you need to water more often to keep your grass green. If you cut it longer, about 2-3 inches, it provides shade that keeps the soil from drying out. Additionally, if you leave the grass clippings on the lawn instead of bagging it, the moisture in the grass stays in the yard.

With smart mowing, you can cut down the amount of water your lawn needs to as little as one inch per week. This saves you a lot of money on your water bill.

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The job involves landscaping, lawn care, and property maintenance. You must have a car to be able to drive to properties and job sites we work at in order to be hired. If you’re looking for work and have the needed skills, or are willing to learn them, we’ll be glad to have you!

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