Beautiful Bear Lake

Bear LakeBear Lake is a great vacation destination for people in Utah and Idaho.  It’s one of the few ways you can get a beach vacation around here without going all the way to the ocean.  If you’re not up for visiting the beach, there’s plenty of other things to see.  There’s the Minitonka Cave for the adventurous types.  If theater is more to your liking, you can visit the famous Pickleville Playhouse.  Not to mention the Bear Lake Raspberry Days, Utah’s most delicious fruit-based Festival.

And it’s just an hour’s drive from Cache Valley, where we’re headquartered.  As such, we get a lot of business form landlords in the Bear Lake area who want their rental properties to have great value for their tenants.

Managing A Rental Property

Rental property maintenance is one of the biggest and potentially most time consuming responsibilities a landlord has.  It’s also one of the most vital.  One of the leading causes of tenant turnover for rental properties is poor maintenance.  In short, if you don’t take care of the place, people won’t want to stay there.  Real estate investor Andrew Syrios argues that maintenance and management are THE most important parts, so you can’t afford to make a mistake on them.

Despite this, there are a lot of landlords who often forget the maintenance, or do a poor job.  So many, in fact, that most renters out there have come to expect it as the default.  Knowing this, it becomes pretty clear that if you do a good job, you’ll find your renters not just being happy, but being very loyal.

Rental Property Lawn Care

While we can’t do everything for you, CV Lawn King can help you with one of the major parts of managing a rental property: lawn care.  Lawn care is super important to the curb appeal of your property, as any landlord will tell you, but it’s also important to keeping tenants happy, paying customers.

Renters Aren’t Responsible for Maintenance

It’s a common misconception that renters are responsible for maintenance.  Unless it’s something big – like holes in the roof – the renter can deal with it, right?  Well, they technically can, but that’s not their responsibility.  The only maintenance that renters are responsible for is accidental damage caused by negligence.  Even small things like replacing batteries and light bulbs can’t be legally enforced.  But the rest?  No, that’s your job as the landlord.  Even lawn care is your responsibility.  A tenant may take it on themselves, but you can’t expect it from them.  It’s your property, so it’s your job to keep it in good shape.

Do-It-Yourself Isn’t Always Best

rental property lawn care“Hey,” I hear you say, “I can mow my own lawn no problem.  I can save myself a little money by doing it myself.”

This is a common myth of property management.  While it is true that anything you can do yourself is money you saved, you don’t always come out ahead in the end.  You’ve got to consider time costs.  How much is your time worth to you?  Every hour you spend working on your rental property is an hour not spent earning money at your day job, or enjoying life with your family.  Then there’s the cost of gas to drive to your properties, operate the mowers, and to dump cut grass.  It adds up.

Moreover, if you don’t do a good job, your tenants won’t be happy.  Renters don’t care if you save a few bucks doing it yourself if the end result looks bad.  More still, proper yard maintenance is more than just mowing the lawn.  You have to manage trees and shrubberies, including cutting down limbs that touch the house, or are at risk of falling on it.  You have to make sure trees limbs are a safe distance from power lines and don’t make problems for neighboring properties.  The regulations are extensive on what you’re required to do as the landlord, far and above what they are for just living in a home.  If it’s not done right, not only will your tenant leave, you could face legal fines.

Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional.  We know what we’re doing.  We can make it all look good and get it up to code.  You won’t have to worry about the little problems.  If you think that might cut into your profits too much, don’t forget that maintenance costs can be included in the rent.  If it makes the experience of living in the rental property better, tenants won’t mind paying a little more for it.

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CV Lawn King - Landscaping and Yard Maintenance Cache Valley Utah We’re the experts in yard care.  We’ve got the tools and the training to get the job done right.  If you’ve got a rental property, we can help you keep the yard in top shape so your tenants stay happy and, more importantly, stay on.  Save yourself the trouble of hunting down renters and get yourself a good, loyal one with proper management and maintenance.  If you want your rental property to look good and be a good investment, then get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

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