Spring Lawn Care

spring lawn careWith Groundhog Day behind us, spring is on the horizon.  Temperatures are going to rise, snow will melt, and your lawn will be back on display. Time to get it looking good for the coming year.  Here are some lawn care tasks you’ll need to complete this spring.

1. Remove Debris

The first thing to do is get rid of any debris that accumulated over the winter.  The edge of your lawn near the road may have gathered up lots of salt and gravel from the snowplows, which can kill the grass.  Any leaves you missed raking before the snowfall will still be waiting for you, maybe harboring a bit of snow mold.  You never know what else may have gotten onto your lawn over the winter. Get yourself a rake and clean it up. Raking will encourage better airflow and help prevent disease and insect nests.  This will allow the new grass to grow without any struggles.

2. Aerate The Lawn

Once you’ve got the debris cleared, you can aerate the lawn.  Aeration allows water and air to reach the roots of your lawn faster.  This makes the new growth stronger.  You have to do this before the air temperature reaches 55 degrees, however; otherwise weeds will be germinating and they’ll fill the empty spaces.

crab grass3. Weed Control

Once again, you’ll need to do this before the weeds start germinating (usually when the temperature gets above 55 degrees). Immediately after you aerate, apply some weed killing products, especially for crab grass.  You want to get on this right away, as once the weeds take root they can be hard to get rid of.


4. Fertilize

The final step for spring lawn care is to fertilize. The nutrients in the soil will likely have been used up in the final months before winter, so you need to replace them.  Fertilizing will strengthen the new grass and help it withstand the summer heat, as well as prepare it to withstand any dry spells that may happen.

5. Follow-Up

Once you’ve done the basics, there are a few follow-ups to consider.  For a properly healthy lawn, you need to water it and keep it moist for at least two weeks after you fertilize.  The water helps spread the nutrients around in the soil as well as giving the grass some much-needed fluids.  After 4 weeks, it’s a good idea to fertilize again to be sure that there’s enough in the soil to keep it going through the summer.

Spring Lawn Care Assistance

CV Lawn King - Landscaping and Yard Maintenance Cache Valley UtahWinter can wreak havoc on your lawn.  It can leave bald patches, mold, and debris that is a hassle to clean up.  If you find you don’t have the time to get on it, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.  Lawn care during any season is our bread and butter.  We’ll help you clean it up and do all the basic maintenance tasks so you can have more time to enjoy the warming weather.  Give us a call any time and find out what we can do for you.

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