Winter Lawn Care

Lawn CareThe winter has already started, but don’t think that just because the snow has fallen, that means you can neglect your lawn care duties. While most of the big chores you’d do are no longer a concern, there are some things you should know about.

1. Fertilize

Even if your grass is lying dormant, the roots are still alive.  That means they still need nutrients.  The hot summer will have depleted the soil, so you need to give it a boost to see it through the winter.  We’ve got some snow on the ground already, but it’s not too deep and a lot will melt. If you didn’t fertilize before, then it would be a good idea to do so now.  While you’ve still got some access to your grass, get some nitrogen rich fertilizer and apply it to your lawn.  Fertilizer put down during the winter will stick in the soil and keep your roots going strong.  If you’ve done it already, that’s great.  If you haven’t, then don’t delay.

2. Clear up Debris

If there’s any debris left on your lawn over the winter, then it’s likely you find dead spots come spring.  Furniture, toys, leaves, and dog feces can all prevent water from getting into the soil, killing the roots with thirst.  With the added weight of snow, it can weaken and kill your lawn faster.  It also keeps the area warmer, which creates a good environment for mold and fungus to grow. If you haven’t done it already, then now’s a good time to rake those leaves up.  Once we get a really have snowstorm, then it’ll be too late to get at it and you have no chance of preventing dead patches.

3. Avoid Foot Traffic

Grass is pretty resilient, but it has its limits. Your lawn is at its weakest during the winter.  I know it’s tempting to walk on your lawn to avoid any possible ice patches on your sidewalks, but you should avoid doing this.  Too much wear and tear will wear down the roots and make it harder for them to recover in spring.  Instead of taking that risk, you should make sure your sidewalks are always clear of snow and ice.  Lay down that salt!

Don’t Neglect Your Lawn

patches of dead grassWithout proper care, your grass roots will die.   No amount of springtime lawn care can help dead roots recover.  The only thing you can do then is to reseed your lawn and grow it from scratch.  That is far more expensive and time consuming than simply making sure it’s good to go during the winter.

Let Us Help

If you need any help with your yard, including snow removal, then go ahead and get in touch with us.  We can help you make sure your lawn has the strength to shrug off the cold and come back ready to go when the snow finally melts.

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