Winter Is Coming to Cache Valley

Somewhere between those two holidays, we’re going to get snow.  Maybe a little, maybe a lot.  If last year’s weather is any indication, it’ll be a lot.  With a lot of snow, comes the need for a lot of snow removal. If you’ve just got a small driveway at home, that’s not that big a problem, but if you’re a large business in any of Cache Valley’s cities?  Well, let’s just say that snow removal can be expensive and time consuming.

Get The Most From Snow Removal

If you’re a business in Cache Valley, you are going to need to do snow removal over the winter.  The concerns are for both accessibility and safety, but you probably already know that.  But what’s the best way to handle the issue of snow removal?  Well, there are three key essentials to know.

1. Knowing When To Clear The Snow

“That’s easy,” I hear you say.  “Clear the snow whenever it snows.”

Well, maybe not.  You certainly can do it that way, but if the snow’s not really going to be an issue, why waste time clearing it?  That’s where knowing when to clear the snow saves you time and money.  See, even on a cold day, the snow melts a little in the sun.  If the snow coming down is light and fluffy and it lays down an inch or less, then as soon as the sun comes up, the snow will be gone.  Such a small amount isn’t worth going to the hassle of cleaning.

2. Curb Reflectors

Reflective markers for your curb can really help with the snow.  For starters, you can use them to mark out the walkways.  That way, people will always see where they can walk, even at a distance and don’t have to worry if going one way might lead to them trudging through some snow to get to their destination.  It can also make clear to anyone driving by where the entrance to your parking lot is.  This is especially useful if you’re a business that’s off of Main Street, where drivers are less likely to be familiar with your property.

Reflective markers are also great for showing your snow removers where they need to work.  It saves time and money by ensuring they only work where they’re needed. No need to waste time guessing where the sidewalk ends, or where the road begins.

3. Salt The Walkways

This is the last step to snow removal and one you can’t afford to skip out on.  When snow gets deep, the weight starts to pack it down.  Under the pressure, the snow hardens into ice that can be very hard to see.  This is what we call “black ice.”  It’s a thin coating that glazes hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt.  Because it’s so hard to see, people often miss it when walking or driving.

That’s a serious safety hazard.  And if you’re running a business, a safety hazard is also al legal liability.  If someone slips and falls, they could break a leg, an arm, or even their back.  If someone’s car slides on the ice and crashes, that can lead to expensive repairs.  They’ll also be the start of costly, reputation-destroying lawsuits and insurance claims.  You want to avoid this.

The key to this is to make sure you salt the ground after you’ve done the snow removal.  Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which means it melts at colder temperatures.  By laying salt down after snow removal, you will ensure that no invisible patches of ice will slip up any visitors.

Why Not Call A Snow Removal Company?

While it is true you can do all of this yourself, why waste the time an energy?  You want to be in the office making money, not in the office parking lot with a shovel. Hiring a reliable snow removal company is a good way to save yourself some time and focus more on the work that makes you money.

Here at CV Lawn King, we also do snow removal.  Whether you’re a residential home, or a large business, we can take care of it for you.  We have our own equipment and will be happy to clear the snow away.  We’re local –  based in Logan, Utah – and we do work all over Cache Valley.  Get in touch and see how we can help.

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